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About me

Hi there!

My name is Sergei Velikanov and I am Developer in broad sense of the term.
My main area of expertise is Hugely Loaded Web Applications. Besides I’m highly interested in Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies.

Today I’m working as CTO in great international company 8bit group.
We’re constantly looking for skilled and experienced Symfony and Java/Spring developers.

I am Zend Certified Engineer which makes me really effective in the field of PHP development.
Currently I stick to Symfony and Spring frameworks.

From time to time I participate in and taking a part in hosting of professional conferences like 2016’s Symfony Conf in Moscow.

But my belief is that one doesn’t have to stick to one gun to be perfect shooter.
So with this idea in mind I’m constantly growing in adjacent development areas.

I am Certified Blockchain Expert and Certified Blockchain Developer which I think is most important direction of expertise for my future in development and programming.
I stick to Ethereum’s Solidity and the Truffle framework on this ground.

I’m running some private educational courses for corporate developers and taking a part in training and growing young professionals in Web development area.

I think that the world of development needs more confident programmers, more daring engineers.

And my mission is to supply developers that are full of hesitation about something new, with refreshing sense that development world will not be truly complete without their courage and drive hidden deep inside their minds.

I am sure that everything is possible, anything is reachable while you keep rocking really hard.

Flexibility over sedentary.

Extensibility over attachment.

Achievement over observation.

Thank you.